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About the CT Oilers


The Connecticut Oilers are members the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) for Junior "A".

Oilers teams will interact with one another unlike the typical hockey organization.  With an emphasis on development, the organization's teams will provide Oilers coaching staff and outside recruiters an opportunity to view our players within a system, as they grow both physically and mentally as hockey players.  Each player within our ranks will have an opportunity to play at the "next level" within the Oilers' organization.  As such, our organization will be a true "feeder" system, where players will be groomed to participate at our top EHL level.  

The Oilers organization will become a gateway for athletes to develop both as players and as students.  Player talent in our development model will be nurtured with a view toward both academic and athletic careers.  We expect responsible and committed scholar athletes to strive towards excellence; as an organization it is our goal to expose players to hockey opportunities at the collegiate level and beyond.  Part of the philosophy of the Oilers as an organization includes the notion that athletic talent must be balanced with education, and we foster this balance in a manner that prepares our players to become responsible educated young men, who will go on to become assets to the sport as well as their communities.

Typically, our teams will consist of local players and those who will travel varying distances and billet with local families.  Local players are expected to form a greater portion of the Midget & Youth players, whereas our EHL Jr. "A" players are expected to come from a much broader geographical spectrum.  Other teams in the EHL have players from all across North America, Europe and Internationally.  The Oilers organization will seek out its talent in the same or similar manners as other junior level teams, and we expect similar cross section trending of players at the Jr. "A" level.


What we look for in players at all levels:

The Oiler player must have’s:

Desire: to work hard on and off the ice and do whatever it takes to make the Oilers better as a team

Character: we look for future leaders. One who can lead by example in the class room, locker room, community, on and off the ice.

Hockey IQ: As an Oilier you, a premium is placed on skill, however you need to be able to think the game in order to play the game.

Learning Ability: So often players are put in one position their entire hockey career, they have trouble adapting when they move up to Junior hockey and NCAA. We look for players who can learn and fill different rolls and do it with a smile. Scoring many goals at Mites too Bantams at a AAA level is great, however, can you block a shot or the better question will you block a shot? Kill a penalty? These are the character traits that on Oiler must demonstrate in order to be selected as one of the chosen few.