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Connecticut Oilers

Connecticut Oilers Hockey Club

Connecticut Oilers Hockey Club

300 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk CT 06854

Phone: 203.357.5577

CT Oilers EHL Premier: Season Home Opener 2015-16

Saturday, September 19, 2015, 1:00 PM
SoNo Ice House, Norwalk, CT

For more information email: CT OILERS LABOR DAY CUP


SoNo Summer Camps are happening now. Click on the image above to get all the camp information you need. Whether your "Mite" player is looking for a hockey camp or your oldest player needs information about the path to college, SoNo Hockey Camps has it all. Special discounts apply when registering multiple kids for camps. Please call Marvin at (203) 956-0255 for more information. 

    Connecticut Oilers 2015 & 2016 NCAA College Commitments

    Connecticut Oilers 2015 & 2016 NCAA College Commitments

    Drill of the Week: #35 - 2015

    Backhand to forehand, forehand to backhand.”

    Player must try to keep feet steady while utilizing only the arms and upper body to move the puck randomly while stickhandling.
    Progression is to move wider apart and then skate through the pucks while stick handling.

    “Backhand to forehand, forehand to backhand.” “That’s so much of hockey, whether you’re protecting a puck or moving it to shoot. You’re working on the length of your reach.”

    Key Teaching Point: Work on quick hands and range of motion

    Drill of the Week: Off-Ice - Stick Handling/Around Body & Tight and Away

    One of the most elemental aspects of hockey is stickhandling. Once you learn how to skate, the logical next step is figuring out how to use your stick to control that slippery piece of frozen rubber that sometimes seems to have a mind of its own.

    But if there is one easy way to dramatically improve your game in a short amount of time – something that can be done, in many cases, on or off the ice – getting better at stickhandling is it. All it takes, really, is a handful of minutes each day to see improvement.

    Oscar Arfelt CT Oilers EHL 2014-15

    Oscar Arfelt CT Oilers EHL 2014-15