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Connecticut Oilers

Connecticut Oilers Hockey Club

Connecticut Oilers Hockey Club

300 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk CT 06854

Phone: 203.357.5577

CT Oilers EHL Premier: Season Home Opener 2015-16

Saturday, September 19, 2015, 1:00 PM
SoNo Ice House, Norwalk, CT

For more information email: COLUMBUS DAY INVITATIONAL

    Connecticut Oilers 2015 & 2016 NCAA College Commitments

    Connecticut Oilers 2015 & 2016 NCAA College Commitments

    Drill of the Week: #39 - 2015

    Are you ready?

    Establish a Pre-Game Routine

    Teams will require you to arrive at least one to two hours before puck-drop depending on your age level. This is how the build-up to the game goes for the start for youth level games:

    1. Arrive: change into warm-ups for off-ice.
    2. Free time: tape sticks, change blade, kick around soccer ball
    3. Team meeting. The coach will go over the game plan, lines, etc.
    4. Team stretch and off-ice warm-up
    5. Get dressed
    6. Coaches pre-game speech
    7. Line up in tunnel or runway to rink
    8. Anthems, Opening Face-off

    Drill of the Week: Pre-Game Preparation

    As a CT Oiler it is your job to be prepared before the puck drops prior to each game this season. The more experienced you get and the faster you establish a pre-game routine the easier it will be to get in the zone for the game.

    Ready, Set, Go!

    Ready, Set, Go!