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    From Kentucky to Connecticut: Oilers' McAvoy has eyes on college hockey

    08/28/2014, 7:30am EDT
    By Bob Birge - The Hour

    NORWALK -- As the home of the Kentucky Derby, the Bluegrass State is known for producing thoroughbred race horses.

    Hockey players, however, are a different story as there are no known NHL players, past or present, born in Kentucky.

    Paul McAvoy, one of the newest members of the Connecticut Oilers who grew up in Kentucky, says there are two rinks in the entire state, one in Lexington and one in Louisville.

    McAvoy can thank his father Bill, who played junior hockey and club hockey in college, for getting a kid from a basketball-mad state interested in a sport that is foreign to most Kentuckians.

    "My dad played hockey his whole life," McAvoy said after the Oilers' practice on Tuesday. "He grew up in Detroit (which is known as Hockeytown), so he just kind of passed it down to me, and we found a rink in Kentucky."

    Fortunately for McAvoy, he lived in Lexington and the rink there was only 20 minutes from home and he started playing hockey when he was 5 years old.

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