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Connecticut Oilers

Connecticut Oilers

Connecticut Oilers

300 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk CT 06854

Phone: 202.357.5577

CT Oilers: Make-up Team Fitting Day

  • May
  • 9
CT Oilers: Make-up Team Fitting Day
  • 12:00pm- 2:00pm (EDT) Ical_event_icon
  • SoNo Ice House
  • Tag(s): Teams 

CT Oilers: 2015-16 Team Selections

Please click here to find who was selected to represent the 2015-16 CT Oilers Hockey Club.

    Connecticut Oilers 2015 NCAA College Commitments

    Connecticut Oilers 2015 NCAA College Commitments

    Drill of the Week: #17- 2015

    Shoot at least 100 shots a day!

    •    Complete both training on and off the ice with shooting!
    •    Train all the different types of shots!
    •    Master you shot location – find what works best.
    •    Use your imagination and imagine yourself in different shooting modes during a game!
    •    Maximize your concentration on each individual shot!
    •    Compete with yourself and friends!

    Off Ice Training - Shooting

    From the Swedish Ice Hockey Association Developmental Program, Joakim Nordström (Chicago Blackhawks) and Rickard Rakell (Anaheim Ducks) show how they train for shooting off-ice.

    A good scorer practices their shots and shoots at least 100 shots daily. During on-ice team practices a player shoots about 20-25 shots on average, which is too little. If you shoot often enough, and are highly focused, you will automatically begin to push harder and with greater precision.
    Vary your workout! Remember to practice standing with both feet pointing forwards towards the target and sideways. Here are some examples of shots that you can practice:
    •    Wrist Shot, Snap Shot, Slap Shot, Shovel Shot, Backhand Shot, One-Timers, Deke Shot